Iron Ore Processing Equipment

The globally challenging supply situation of energy recourses and raw materials such as oil, gas and ores is triggering rising demand of energy recources such as coal. This generates the upsurge of raw material requirements for iron ore as well.

Consequently it is causing a rash price raise of coal and minerals and gaining more valuable produces. Countries with huge coal and minerals recources become increasingly important for the world’s industry demand. Because of the consumers demand and the strengthened environmental regulations, the requirement for upgraded coal and mineral products is increasing.

Clean coal products with low ash, sulphur and moisture content with high heating values are needed. This is leading to a rising demand in respect to coal beneficiation and resulting in environmental protection. i.e. power plant emissions and transport capacities will be reduced significantly. Furthermore longer life time of the coal deposits is achieved due to more economical operation etc.

The decreasing grades of the worldwide ore deposits need a constant adjustment of the enrichment processes. These are the reasons why we are constantly developing our products and at the same time improving the beneficiation processes.

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